Charities And Volunteering

Supporting charities and volunteering are great ways to bring positive energy into the world! In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day survival, helping others pays big dividends personally. What goes around comes around. Having said that, there’s more to this podcast than meets the eye.

This podcast covers what a couple old guys think about charities and volunteering. We’ve both been involved in charities and volunteer work over many years.

We’re providing links that we think are useful and relevant to the topic at hand. Most of the time, that’s all there is to it. Sometimes we provide an “affiliate” link to a product or service that we make a tiny (!) commission on. We never provide links to anything we haven’t vetted or would otherwise disapprove of.

Links regarding charities:

0:00 The “We Charity” scandal concerns “whether the federal government engaged in a conflict of interest by awarding WE Charity a contract to administer a $900-million grant program to student volunteers amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. ” See … 
Global News – We Charity
BBC News – We Charity

1:12 The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, Les Hewitt
Link to Power of Focus book

Rotary Club
Kiwanis Club

3:43 Compensation Paid to Executive and Upper Management of Charities.
1) Charity Watch
2) MacLeans article: Be wary of charities that pay their staff too much—or too little

5:22 Websites that review charities. You can learn more about the charities that are asking for your money …
Charity Navigator
… and in Canada …
Charity Intelligence

7: 31 Gates Foundation website page regarding polio …

9:23 Paul ran a go club. This is what go/weiqi/baduk is …
Wikipedia – About Go

10:35 Rotary Passport Club

14:27 John mentions the Rotary “Four-Way Test”. See …
Rotary Club Four-Way Test

16:26 Paul says, “It’s a bit of a mouthful, actually.”

17:26 Paul mentions the Kin Society, a Canadian volunteer organization. See …
Kin Canada Home

18:22 Canadian Blood Services. If you are interested in donating blood in Canada, see CBS here …
Canadian Blood Services Home

22:36 – The Rotary’s “Four-Way Test”. Those can be found along with their “Guiding principles”. Again, here is the link …
Rotary Guiding Principles

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